Whether you realize it or not, you’re constantly selling yourself on-line. For example, LinkedIn users get 11 times as many views if they have a picture in their profile. Sure, simply having a profile picture is better than not having one at all but everyone knows that first impressions have a significant impact on how people perceive you. Yet so many people ignore the quality of their professional headshot — they get ignored as a result.

Your professional headshot is the first thing people will see.

The profile photos you use on all of your social media platforms are a representation of your personal brand. It conveys your values and character. If you’re a lawyer, for example, you do not want to come off as a goof due to some silly picture. You want to showcase your serious side, because that’s part of your personal brand. You have to remember that most people do not know anything about you. When it comes to first impressions, all they can do is assume who you are and what you represent.

A high-quality headshot leaves a great first impression.

If you are trying to build your personal brand on-line, you cannot do without one. A good headshot helps you stick out from the crowd. It puts your sparkling personality out there for the world to see and shows people that you take pride in yourself. Don’t let a low-quality professional headshot limit your on-line success.


Employers are looking

At least 37% of employers are now looking at internet profiles before they make a hiring decision.

Get more views

LinkedIn users get 11 times as many views if they have a picture in their profile.

Half a Second

It takes less than half a second for someone to form a fairly permanent impression of you. What impression are you giving with your headshot?


Wear Hair Up

Women wearing their hair up are 27% more likely to be "liked".

Smile with your Teeth?

Men smiling without teeth are 43% more likely to get a “like”.

Women smiling with teeth are 76% more likely to get a "like".

Look at the Camera?

Men looking at the camera are over 100% more likely to get a “like”.

Women looking away from the camera are 74% more likely to get a "like".


I couldn't of asked for a better experience. Jared is truly a professional who makes you feel comfortable and confident. Not to mention his prices are very fair and the product is delivered to you almost immediately. I would highly recommend!
Cole Fairbanks
Cole Fairbanks
17:57 27 Sep 17
Jared was awesome! I was so new to getting head shots done and he directed well. Seamless experience and I had the final product by the same night. I highly recommend using him work quality work
Monica Arseneau
Monica Arseneau
13:15 13 Sep 17
Jared did an amazing job. He really captured the professional shots I needed for my businesses. I'm extremely pleased with the photos and look forward to working with him in the future.
Joy Mack
Joy Mack
21:11 09 Sep 17
I wanted a new professional headshot and some good pics for social media/family gifts. Jared did an incredible job of coaching me through our shoot and the end results looked great! Definitely would recommend.
Aaron Seigel
Aaron Seigel
21:05 06 Sep 17
Had a great outdoor shoot with Jared last week for my fashion based blog, and he made me feel very comfortable and confident. Such a great photographer who is very professional and has a wonderful energy/presence to him. Thank you for your time and the gorgeous photos!
Shell P
Shell P
01:25 18 Aug 17


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